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Center du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui

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About This Project

We’ve been working with Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui (CTDA) for a few years now. CTDA approached us to help them handle their site developed in Ruby On Rails. They needed to add new features, fix some bugs and overall maintenance. The site had been developed 10 years ago and it was about time to start over.

We’ve discussed with CTDA about their needs for the new site and their frustrations with the actual site. It was crucial for us to understand their pain and their needs in order to propose the best solution possible. We wanted to use a technology that was widely used, relatively easy to find manpower (in case we get out of the picture) and that would be supported in the future. We’ve decided to go with PHP Laravel Framework. Laravel is probably the most widely used PHP framework at the moment and it has been growing in popularity. Laravel offers great features for the developers such as excellent documentation, practical Application Structure, Artisan Code Generation, Out-of-the-box User Model, Blade Templating Engine, Supporting Products and Packages and many others. How does it translate into benefits for the client? An increase in development speed, increased security, reliability but above all, cost efficiency.

One of the main challenges with this project was the migration of all the data from their previous site since one of CTDA’s mandate is to keep Quebec’s theater archives. The other major challenge was to create an admin section that would allow them to easily create and manage content.

Maxime David from Le Séisme was in charge of the design, we’ve worked with him and CTDA in order to review some technic aspects. We had a great pleasure working with him.

Émilie Fortin from CTDA was the person in charge of the project and it was wonderful working with her. We made sure that the project met CTDA’s needs, along the way, there were some changes to the project’s requirements. We knew from experience there would be. We had some bumps here and there and made some mistakes, again we knew that would be some.

Overall, working on this project was a great pleasure, we are always learning from each new project and implementing these learnings into future projects.

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