Magento eCommerce Development

Grow your business with this robust and flexible eCommerce solution.

What is Magento?

Magento is eCommerce development software that offers the comprehensive services to the retailers who wish to bring their business on web. Though Magento is based on the open source technology, it is the most trusted eCommerce website platform present today. In fact, if anything, it’s open source code availability has brought on major advantages that make any Magento website and storefront all the more efficient and appealing.

The major features which make Magento the first choice for online store retailers are:

Scalability and Expandability
Ability to work efficiently even under huge pressure, and easy expansion of the website with business growth.
Customized theme and layout in accordance with your business needs, with the provision of discounts and coupons.
Security is not an option but a necessity of any eCommerce website. Magento integrated the most secure payment gateways.

In short, Magento is the best thing that will ever happen to your retailing business. Want to know how? Read on to know why Magento is the best approach of bringing your enterprise business online.

Why should you choose Magento?

Magento offers complete platform for the working of an eCommerce business. It is integrated with the advanced shopping cart module, which will provide your customers with an engaging and personalized online shopping experience.

The best part of Magento eCommerce websites is its open code availability. The said feature allows the Magento admin to install custom-made coupon and discount offers. The availability of numerous free in-built themes is yet another advantage that renders greater ease in the development of a bespoke Magento online store for a particular enterprise.

The other aspects of Magento eCommerce include the integrated powerful calculation system for shipping and other charges. The integral secure payment gateways, along with availability of similar third-party add-ons will empower you to be in the complete command of the flow of sales and generated revenues. With such indispensable features, it is no wonder that Magento has become the leading eCommerce solution for the enterprise based website development.

Product of Leading Age Technology

With the ever-rising competition in the market, it is essential to enrich your eCommerce business with the latest technological advancements. However, with Magento you need not fret over this basic necessity. The Magento websites supports all the present age technological aspects of online commerce.

Magento offers extensive SEO toolkit to ensure that your customers can reach your website easily through search engines. You can create an SEO-efficient URL for your website, define effective meta data, an even customize the results of searches’ outputs to survive the complex algorithms of different search engines.

Another instance of Magento’s advance feature is its responsive website designs. It is self-evident that most of the end-users who favor online shopping would prefer on-the-go service far better. This is where responsive websites come into the picture, making it easy for your customers to search, browse, and purchase from smaller devices like tablet and smartphones, using the touch gestures like zoom and swipe.

Power to Magento Admin and End-Users

The incredible features reserved for Magento admin include uploading of an almost unlimited number of store items; the product management of which is no test either. Magento also provides ease in the maintenance of discount offers based on completely flexible combinations. The maintenance and upgradation of the complete website to come with relative simplicity.

Being open-source, Magento carries no setup charges, which undoubtedly will lessen the overall leverage on the investment of starting the online business. Moreover, the presence of five thousand plus apps and add-ons enrich the extensive Magento website development services, increasing is functionality boundlessly.

With so many advantages, it may appear that Magento offer most advantages only to the admin of the website. However, attributes like multi-lingual capabilities, customized product description on Magento storefront, personalized shopping cart system, and amazing post-sale experiences like wishlist and rewards ensure that customers of your online stores too will have a lot to appreciate about it.

Grow your business with Technology, Grow your business with Magento

Extensive Magento Storefront
An online store with all the expected and more features. Customized product description, shopping cart, discount & coupons, automated calculation, Secure payment gateways, and segmented sales promotion.
Ultimate flexibility
Seamless flexibility in terms of layout, template, and theme of the website. An unlimited number of store items, 5000+ add-ons and apps, customization of user accounts both on the individual and categorical basis.
Inherent SEO support
SEO-friendly sitemap and homepage URLs. Help in defining SEO-rich meta data. Supports other extensions that promote the whole website’s search engine affability, to attract organic traffic directly.
Mobile shopping
Gives the end-users the facility of on-the-go shopping with responsive or mobile-friendly website designs that work flawlessly on the small devices like tablet and smartphones with simple touch screen gestures.