Custom PHP development

PHP Development with Laravel Framework

We, at Younik, offer custom PHP Development solution using the finest framework, Laravel. The advanced and technically upgraded PHP Laravel is ideal for the development of any web application. Its features like Unit Testing, Routing system, View Composers, Application Logic and Automatic Pagination makes your website more secure, robust, and efficient and more important, reduces your costs. Laravel has probably one of the biggest community that keeps improving and supporting Laravel. So what you get in the end is a web application that is robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective.

How do we work?

Discuss your requirements

This part is crucial, it is important for us to understand your goal for the application. We need to understand what are your pains or the gains you expect from the application in order to offer the proper solution. This is where we’ll lay down most of the requirements for the application but these requirements will most probably evolve. As we start working on the application and delivering some features, you’ll probably realize the way you intended to do things isn’t the best and that we need to review things.

Implementing the best solution

Once the requirements have been validated by the client, the development phase will begin. We love to work with Laravel PHP Framework, it allows us to speed up development, thus reducing client’s development costs. Laravel comes right out of the box with features that would take us weeks to develop, it offers great security and has a strong community behind it.

Our approach is to include actively the client during the development phase. We try to, whenever possible, using an agile development approach,Develop, Test, Release. At the beginning of the development, we’ll release the core functionalities of the application. You’ll be able to test it and make comments and then we’ll fix bugs whenever needed. Using this approach throughout the project will ensure us that you have access to the application and can experience it first hands allowing us to adjust the course whenever necessary.

Testing and code release

One of the best features of PHP Laravel Framework is the in-built provision of unit testing. During development, we create test cases for each functionality allowing us to run tests every time we introduce changes to the code and see if we broke the application with these new changes. Once we delivered the full list of functionalities and you tested the application we’ll be releasing it. We’ll be offering support after the initial release to cover for bugs that were not identified during the testing and will make sure the application lives up to your expectations.

Why Laravel Framework?

Extensive development features

Laravel Framework comes pre-loaded with packages like Laravel cashier, eloquent, Elixir, Socialite and many others. All these built-in tools make our development process easier and swifter, allowing us to deliver your project on schedule.

Built-in Security Features

Cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, PDO dynamic parameter binding, and inbuilt authentication system, are yet other aspects of Laravel that ensures site’s integral security. It keeps your website safe from malicious third-party attacks.

Easy Scalability

Laravel’s improved architecture has all the tools that enable easy maintenance and organization of the website regardless of its size. The said tools include third-party package Flysystem for multiple file support, Route caching to accelerate the application route registration, and view composer.