About Younik Agency

Younik Agency provides eCommerce, Web and Mobile services.

We strive to bring our best on every project we undertake.

Delivering Business Growth

Younik Agency is a Web Agency specialized in eCommerce solutions in Magento and WordPress and we offer custom PHP development. Our ultimate objective is to empower companies to have a burgeoning business at a global level. We know from experience that each project has distinct requirements. Therefore, we have made it a dictate to treat each project individually. In fact, this very dictate has inspired the name of the agency, Younik, as indeed each client is unique for us; you are unique for us.

About the Team

Younik has a distributed team, everyone works from their desired location. Talented minds from different locations come together to offer the ideal web and mobile development services. Collaboration at such level guarantees innovation, and when innovation meets with an unswerving dedication, best is bound to happen.

Event though Younik is relatively young, we have been offering similar highly customized services for quite some time, under the name F.A. Communications. We have worked on many projects with different level of complexity. We started working as an outsourcing company for bigger agencies and we decided it was time to make the jump. Our ability to understand clients’ requirements always helps us to deliver unique solutions for their needs.